Woven into everything we do, this ethos has made HEMETEX™ the world’s number one producer of premium quality denim. It’s a philosophy that constantly drives us to bring innovative textile concepts to market, creating exciting possibilities at the cutting edge of fashion for customers worldwide.

HEMETEX™’s route to textiles began in 1904 and in 1989 we opened our 300,000 m2 manufacturing plant, making HEMETEX™ the world’s largest denim manufacturer under one roof. With 1,500 high-tech automated looms, global distribution of employees and production capacity of 250 million meters of fabric per year, our portfolio includes more than 25,000 products.

HEMETEX™ sales are rapidly expanding globally, including a strong presence in 30 countries and an international network of textile technologists, design experts and retail specialists. HEMETEX™ brands and fabrics deliver unbeatable value and competitive difference for our customers in every niche of the denim market, protecting our customers with our patents and trademarks.